about us

who are we?

We are working in the state of Kansas for over 40 years. Located in Northwestern Kansas, we travel the whole state helping our clients in churches, businesses and homes to have the best their pianos and organs can offer!


Owner / Lead Technician

Chris Hund graduated from Kansas State in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and previously worked as an Electrical Engineer at Midwest Energy. He had trained with Steve (former owner) and took over Hays Organ Service in 2022.


Owner / Assistant Technician

Laura Hund assists with calling, billing, and lending an extra set of hands on service work. Trained as an “Enfermeira” (registered nurse) in Brazil, her hands are steady as a rock for the most sensitive organ work.

Baby B

First Born

She’s cute.


Internal Consultant

Steve Demuth has 48 years of experience installing and repairing organs, digital pianos, sound systems, and more.